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Empowering the staff members to combine family and academic career

Main method of supporting the staff of the research unit at work-life  balance is adjustable childcare. When employees need to attend internal  meetings or meetings of the research unit outside of usual business  hours, childcare will be provided. This does not mean that meeting  should be planned outside of business hours. It makes sure, all  employees are able to attend all meetings and events and participate in  social networking of researchers.

These offers are created in  cooperation with equal opportunities officer of the research unit and  the deputy of the “family office” (“university: suitable for families”)  of the University of Halle and the “family-competence-centre”.  It does not only take effect for the research unit, but also for every  other research programs and graduate schools. Offers of the “family  office” will not be replaced by that.

More precisely: there are two different offers:

1. There is a so-called „Babysitting-Pool“, where qualified course instructors take care of a maximum of two children.

2. A second offer is a so-called “Kids-Club”, where qualified course instructors take care of groups of children while parents are at work.

The  employment of pedagogic professionals and qualified course instructors,  who are covert by insurance and paid appropriately, has approved over  the years.