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Family friendly work place

A multifunctional room will be furnished for the purposes of compatibility of family and work. This room is designed as a breastfeeding room and over all as a room for parents and their children. It is located in the facilities of the ZSB and is available for all employees. Everyone can profit from that nursing room. It is multifunctional because the room has three features. At first it can be used as a breastfeeding room and nursing room, when parents have to take care of their children because they could not arrange other child care. This is meant to be temporary. Because those needs will not always be given, the staff can also use the room as rest area. Parental and childish uses are prioritized and already agreed within the team. A simple sign at the door signals if the room is occupied so that privacy can be provided. The room contains a small workplace with a table, chair, phone, cabinet and shelf with different toys for various ages, a small couch, armchair, a table and chairs for children, a rug for babies and children and a diaper changing mat. The room is financed by the staff and will be equipped further by donations.