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Brief Project Description

The project aims at the reconstruction of pupil's careers and their interrelation with biography. It is a longitudinal section which analyzes the individual frames of orientation and their changes by the incidences of selection at school. Beginning at the end of the 4th grade, the incidences which are relevant for selection are focussed. These are fixed incidences which are relevant for selection (such as transitions and school reports) as well as individual incidences of selection. The narrative interviews are thematically focussed on the particular incidence of selection. At the end of the longitudinal section an autobiographical narrative interview with the 16 year old adolescents is planned. In the beginning the sample consists of 70 pupils who will be allocated at five different schools after the transition to secondary school and who come from very different schools and family backgrounds. 15 pupils will be chosen out of this sample, and their interviews will be interpreted with the documentary method. Altogether, the patterns of careers within the interrelation of pupil's careers, their biographies, and selection at school shall be elaborated and differentiated.

Additional Information:
Kramer, R.-T.: Success and failure in school carrier - a longitudinal section concerning the biographical handling of school's selectivity. Berlin, 2006

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